segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2016

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of the accident that occurred with my wood kiln which made me construct a new one. Thanks to so many people from different countries who believed in my work, it was possible to raise funds for the project.  The number of people helping out really exceeded my expectations.

The wood kiln was built um July with friends that helped us with the task.
At the time I created a crowdfunding page
for both phases of the project:
- the rebuilt of the kiln
- the construction of the roof for the wood kiln

The first phase is completed and I now need to move to the second one until the end of September, before rain season starts.
The top of the kiln is done with a wood structure and metallic plates to minimize cost. It adds up to around 1500€.

The name of everybody that contributed in phase one is written in one of the walls as a thank you. There is still room for names who want to join the project.

In the second phase i will execute pieces in the wood kiln to share between those that can help. These pieces are individually signed for contributions over 35€.

pieces for donations over 35€

one piece will be again randomly selected for donations over 100€ 

In phase one, most people preferred to make the donation directly to my account. That is also the way of getting them now.

IBAN: PT 50 00 18 000000 737590021 44

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